The Lord has used nearly twenty years of marketplace and lay ministry leadership to prepare His next steps for my life as a Senior Pastor. I am a gifted verbal communicator with a passion for preaching and teaching God’s word. My marketplace experience has equipped me with strong organizational leadership skills, that in combination with my ministry experience, will help me to uniquely lead in the church.

The Holy Spirit has gifted my life in three principal areas of ministry: teaching (1 Corinthians 12:28), leadership (Romans 12:8), and exhortation (Romans 12:8). These gifts have been developed through nearly 20 years of combined ministry and marketplace experience – validated by professionals and pastors alike.

I am a clear and articulate communicator in and out of the pulpit as well as a proponent and practitioner of transformational/relational leadership. I strive to be a decisive and effective problem solver and vision caster who believes that people are a churches greatest investment, and that a team environment thrives with coaching, encouragement, and clearly articulated expectations.

My ministry passions are threefold: marriage, counseling, and fitness. My role as a Senior leader within the local church will be to develop ministries that target the unchurched through fitness and wellness services, building up the body by stressing the importance of pastoral and clinical counseling, and finally protecting and empowering Christian marriages by developing husbands to better model sacrificial leadership within the home.


The DISC profile is a simple tool the offers information about oneself to help understand themselves and others better – and this can be of tremendous use as a manager. This report uses individual assessment data to provide a wealth of information about management priorities and preferences.